Weight Loss Overview

We serve adolescents, adults and families alike with full medical consultations, goal setting, individualized weight loss programs to fit your health status and needs. Dr. Amir is a Cleveland Clinic Trained and Board Certified Obesity/Weight Physician with  Advanced training from Harvard and Cornell Obesity programs with 18 years of general medical experience.

At Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center we understand that the key to safe, effective and achievable weight loss is treating you, the patient, as an individual. First, that means understanding all the factors that create obstacles to your weight loss. We accomplish this by measuring and analyzing your medical records, physical records, body composition, metabolism and blood profile to obtain a unique snapshot of your health. Secondly, we speak to you to understand your personal challenges with weight loss in your own words.  Then we devise a customized weight loss plan that may include meal replacement, lifestyle interventions and/or weight loss medications.

In addition to the healthcare you receive, you take control of your weight loss goals with self-pay options to fit your specialized plan. 

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