Weight Loss Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss before surgery can improve survivor rates and lead to better surgical outcomes. Prior to approval from your insurance provider, you may be required to enroll in a six-month program to evaluate your candidacy for gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries — collectively called bariatric surgeries. Dr. Amir has the required benchmarks to meet the evaluation criteria and will provide the necessary documentation.

After bariatric surgery, many patients require follow-up. Post-surgical patients can avoid irreversible health consequences an weight regain with specialized medical care.

Weight Loss Before Cosmetic Surgery

Many patients benefit from losing 5% to 10% of their body weight before having liposuction or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Weight loss prior to cosmetic procedures can improve outcomes in the long run. We offer both medication and meal planning to assist in weight loss success.

Before Orthopedic Surgery

Surgeons often advise patients to lose weight prior knee surgery or surgery of other supportive joins. Obese patients may experience more surgical complications, have a higher risk of infection and may experience poor outcomes in the long run due to their high percentage of body fat and extra weight.

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolic Center can provide the weight loss interventions necessary for overweight patients awaiting orthopedic surgery.


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