Protein Your Key to Effective Weight Loss

High-Quality Protein Plays a Critical Role

Did you know that your need for high-quality protein becomes more important as you reduce your calorie intake for weight loss?

Food provides calories—the fuel that keeps your body functioning. Your body uses these calories to meet its metabolic needs. When you use more calories than you consume, you lose weight.

What is Protein?

The word “protein” is derived from a Greek word meaning “of first importance.” A daily supply of protein is necessary to support the body and promote or maintain many metabolic functions.

In addition to helping with weight loss, protein helps:

  • Build and repair body tissues including muscle, major organs, and collagen
  • Keep hair, skin, bones, and nails healthy
  • Regulate body processes including digestion and metabolism
  • Form hormones, enzymes, and immune system antibodies to help your body function properly

Providing your body with adequate protein throughout the day as part of a balanced diet allows you to maintain good health while you lose weight!

In Healthy Weight Loss

In fact, depending on your target weight*, you’ll need a minimum of 87 grams of protein each day to help you lose body fat—not muscle. Our program will help you consume fewer calories, increase your “calorie burning” activities, and get the high-quality protein you need to improve your weight loss results.

Traditional sources of protein like meat and dairy tend to add unhealthy amounts of calories, fat and cholesterol to your diet. Now you can get the daily protein you need with our nutritional supplements.

They’re high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, and taste delicious!

The Importance of Protein Quality

Proteins are very important molecules in our cells. They are involved in virtually all cell functions.

Lose Weight with Our Delicious Protein Products

Our meal replacement and protein supplements offer an outstanding nutritional profile that features high-quality protein in many foods and flavors. This combination of nutrition, variety and taste is the key to your success!

Enjoy these supplements with our comprehensive program and meal plans to:

• Help your body burn fat instead of muscle for healthier weight loss

• Support your natural metabolism so you’ll lose weight quicker

• Curb your hunger between meals and avoid “snacking temptation”

• Maintain the energy you need for daily physical activity

• Enjoy convenient, portion-controlled nutrition

Try all of our delicious, easy-to-prepare protein meal replacements and supplements for a combination of nutrition, variety and flavor that will help you achieve weight loss success!

Nutrition bars

Pudding shakes

Thick shakes

Hot cocoa

Gourmet coffee

Exotic fruit drinks

• Hearty soups

• Gourmet entrees

• Breakfast items

• Soups

• Puddings

• Healthy snacks

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