Obesity and COVID-19

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has in many ways made it harder to maintain a healthy body weight. In the US, an American Psychological Association survey conducted in the middle of the pandemic found that some 42% of U.S. adults had gained an average of 29 lbs. in the year since the start of the pandemic. The root causes of this weight gain are simple: people stayed home, moved less and ate more!

During the pandemic, another alarming statistics linking obesity and COVID-19 began to surface. Numerous independent studies observed that obese patients are at substantially greater risk of severe disease and death due to COVID-19.

Although the days of pandemic related restrictions have ended, here in Florida the COVID-19 remains endemic and many remain at risk to catch the disease.

Those who are overweight or obese can protect their health in general and their chances of surviving a COVID-19 infection by losing weight and keeping it off.

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