Dr. Rotem Amir is a highly respected board-certified clinician serving patients in Florida for 18 years.

With so many weight loss options why choose Dr. Amir?

Dr. Rotem Amir has served patients in Florida for the last 18 years and is a highly respected clinician. Dr. Amir has seen the results of weight gain on health and longevity. Most recently, COVID-19 has ravaged the overweight and persons suffering from the disease of obesity. Increased risk of severe illness, hospitalization, ventilator use and death are affected by weight status. Even our youth has seen obesity rates reaching 18% pre-pandemic. Now those rates have increased due to the secondary effects of the pandemic. Moved by the premature and preventable death of obese patients, Dr. Amir has decided to dedicate her practice to medical weight loss. She and her team treat the overweight population and those suffering from the diseases of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

As many of you know and experienced first hand, weight loss attempts are usually initially effective but transform into a vicious cycle of losing and gaining. Did you wonder why hunger increases when dieting and exercising? This is no coincidence but nature at work prevents us from losing weight. As the human species evolved, weight preserving protections were designed to withstand famine, stress, and natural disasters. Our biology hinders us from losing weight. Only a small fraction of dieters are able to lose and maintain weight loss. Even patients who underwent weight loss surgery have regained weight reaching the five year anniversary and some even gained more than initial weight prior to surgery.

In the last several decades, science has evolved and has led to many new developments that now explain the mechanisms and treatment for weight gain and weight loss failures. 

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center is a different approach to managing the overweight state, now termed a chronic disease. She uses an individualized plan with targeted lifestyle interventions and when appropriate medications are the mainstay. She also screens for possible inherited conditions that lead to weight gain.  There is no one size fits all! 

Dr. Amir uses her vast medical knowledge and advanced  training in obesity from Harvard and Cornell to treat each person with the best care science provides. She will guide and follow you to prevent the inevitable weight preserving measures fighting against your weight loss. 

This is a continuous care program not a quick fix that cannot be maintained. How long can one adhere to a very low calorie, cabbage diet, or low carb diet? The answer is “not very long”. 

Let Dr. Amir use medically sound weight loss methods to help you reach and maintain your weight goals for better health and longevity. 

Dr. Amir is currently accepting new patients at her new office in Hallandale.