Maximize Results By Sticking to Your Weight Loss Program

At Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center, we create weight loss programs that are carefully balanced to deliver optimal weight loss results. As you follow the customized plan that we provide you it is important to stay away from foods and off-the-shelf products that are not prescribed by the program. Why? Because straying from even one product a day changes the balance of the program and compromises your results. Below are some tips to follow in order to stick to your prescribed program and maximize your results.

1. Avoid Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Products   

Supermarkets, drug stores and vitamin/supplement retailers sell a number of bars, powders and pre-made meals that promise to help you achieve weight loss.  However, these items are likely to fail to achieve the desired results because they: – Are not administered as part of a structured, balanced meal program – Do not come with tools and resources to reach your goal weight – Do not include medical supervision, education and support – Are rarely backed by scientific research and clinical evidence and, – Have not been customized to your specific goals and needs

2. Choose Not to “Cheat” on Your Meal Plan

The proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals incorporated into the unique meal replacement products we use work synergistically to provide the nutritional balance needed for your body to achieve maximum results. 

Do not compromise your potential by introducing foods that do not advance you towards your weight loss goals. Besides, part of the discipline of following a meal replacement plan helps you to develop automatic habits that can serve you in the future.  If you habitually decide to eat right every time you have the option, then you will eventually find it much easier to stick with your plan and maintain your weight loss success after you initially achieve it.  

“…it is important to stay away from foods and off-the-shelf products that are not prescribed by the program.”

3. Know the Importance of High-Quality Protein

Most of us recognize that we can get proteins from meat, fish, legumes and “protein powders”.  But did you know that not all protein is created equal? Your body requires proteins with a complete amino acid profile in order to build the lean body mass we rely on to burn fat and achieve weight loss.  

The meal replacement products we use consist of complete proteins that are absorbed and used within the body. Beware of over-the-counter products that feature incomplete protein (collagen is a perfect example of this) that can compromise your weight loss goals. 

Many meats contain complete proteins that can become incomplete through food processing (such is the case for most luncheon-sliced meats) and overcooking.  Others may contain cholesterol, provide excess calories from fat or be served with excessive amounts of carbohydrates.  These are all factors that can heavily impact your weight loss in a negative way. Stick to your plan to avoid this pitfall.

4. Be Aware of the Advantages of Meal Replacement  

By sticking to the carefully customized meal plans we prescribe for our patients, you benefit from: – Healthy, complete protein intake without excess calories, fat, carbohydrates or cholesterol – Making the right food decisions when it comes to portion sizes and ingredients – Forming the right habits and food cravings needed to maintain your weight after you lose it

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center’s program is proven scientific medical weight loss. The program features both in-person and telehealth plans to meet your needs.

You take control of your weight loss goals with a specialized plan that is tailored to your physique, lifestyle and food preferences. We serve adolescents, adults and families alike with full medical consultations, goal setting, individualized programs to fit your health status and needs. Dr. Amir is a Cleveland Clinic Trained and Board Certified Obesity/Weight Physician with  Advanced training from Harvard and Cornell Obesity programs with 18 years of general medical experience.

If you are looking for a program that can be tailored to you and is based on medical science, then contact Dr. Amir today for a first consultation.

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