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How Weight Loss Technology Helps Patients

The obesity epidemic threatens the health and well-being of millions of Americans every year.  Thankfully, current weight loss technology can help those looking to lose weight to fight back against the core causes of this disease: poor diet and a lack of regular physical activity.

The challenge we face from obesity has never been greater. However, we now have better tools than ever to support each patient’s weight loss journey.  At Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center, these tools include technology that accurately measures body fat percentage, a device that can detect whether a patient is burning fat and a mobile app that helps track weight loss progress.

These tools work in conjunction with lifestyle interventions, meal replacement and sometimes also medication to reduce unwanted weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Here’s how each of these technological tools work in more detail.

Body Composition Measurements

There is a famous saying that, paraphrased, you can only improve what you measure.  Often attributed to the 1980’s management guru Peter Drucker, the meaning holds true for medical science as well.  So if you are looking to lose body fat, then accurately measuring how much of your body is made up of fat is essential.  At Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism center we use a technology called bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) to measure body composition.  By sending a weak electrical impulse through the body we can determine the following:

* Your percentage of body fat (including visceral fat)
* Your percentage of lean muscle
* Your percentage of bone mass
* Your percentage of water mass

BIS works by sensing the resistance the electrical impulse meets as it passes through different tissue and liquid in the body. The result is a much more accurate measurement of body fat than could be obtained by tape measurements.  It also measures visceral fat, which is fat that forms around the organs in your abdominal cavity.  This fat can cause serious health problems and is hard to detect by other measurements.

Another important area measured by BIS is the percentage of lean muscle in your body.  The more lean muscle in your body the higher your metabolism.  This means that, whether working out or resting, your body can burn more calories per minute with a higher percentage of lean muscle.

BIS measurements are taken frequently to ensure that progress is being tracked.  The goal of most plans is to see a reduction in body fat percentage and an increase in the percentage of lean body mass.

“…you can only improve what you measure.”

The Mobile App

Our lifestyles are made up of daily activities, many of which we have developed into unconscious habits.  When it comes to weight loss, the habits that matter most are:

* What and how much you eat
* What and how much physical activity you do
* How much water you are drinking

Because these aspects of our life are so important, Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center developed a mobile application to help track daily food consumption, exercise and water intake.

Available in the App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and Google Play (for Androids) our mobile app includes an extensive database of all grocery-bought or grown foods and the most common exercises.  It is organized in such a way that you can keep a food diary, exercise log and a record of how much water you drink every day.  It also interacts with smart weight scales to keep track of your weight or you may add your weight manually.

By measuring calories in and calories out based on self-reported data, the app aids you in developing the habits you need to effectively lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

The mobile app is available at no additional cost to all patient’s working with us to reduce or maintain their weight.  Others, who are not direct patients of Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism center, pay a monthly subscription fee.

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center uses weight loss technology to help patients lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.  If you are suffering from being overweight or obese and have tried fad diets, exercise and other methods without success, you may benefit from following a scientifically-backed program that encompasses meal replacement, lifestyle interventions and may also include obesity medication.  Contact us today for your initial consultation.

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