Body Composition Analysis

When a patient wants or needs to lose weight, what they almost always hope to do is to lose body fat.  In fact, losing fat weight while gaining lean muscle tissue is the key to long term weight management success. We ensure our patients are losing fat by measuring their body composition with our InBody 570 scale which allows us to see fat loss in arms, legs and trunk. All our programs include complimentary body composition analysis.

45-Second Tests

Quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. Testing is fast, easy, user-friendly and non-invasive — just stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.

100% Customized Results

The InBody 570 contains no pre-programmed assumptions about age, sex, ethnicity or body type. Instead, it uses electronic bioimpedance technology to measure parts of your body separately for an accurate analysis based on your own uniqueness.

Health and Wellness Evaluation

Outputs from the InBody 570 provide important insights into your overall wellbeing. Measurement of Visceral Fat Level reveals how much fat tissue is centered around the organs in your abdominal cavity and Segmental Fat Analysis measures the fat in your libs and trunk. These measurements allow us to customize a weight loss program and set goals that are unique to your specific medical requirements.


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