5 Ways to Create a Calorie Deficit

Those who lose weight successfully, and keep it off, are masters at creating a daily calorie deficit.  If you are looking to lose weight, you too can create a calorie deficit on any day by eating fewer calories than you burn. Simply put, the energy imbalance you create, forces the body to tap into stored fat for fuel to make up for the difference.  This process, known as lipolysis, results in the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream, which are then burned as energy that would otherwise have come directly from food. Every 3,000 or so calories burned in this way eats up approximately a pound of fat.  

While lipolysis is simple for most people to describe and understand, attempting to lose weight is often easier said than done.  This is because there are many obstacles that get in the way when you try to create a calorie deficit.  For example food cravings kick in and cause many people to fall off the weight loss wagon by encouraging people to eat more than they need each day.  Habits such as eating calorie-dense snacks at a certain time of day, piling up large portions onto plates at meal time, and eating second and third helpings of meals all can derail your attempts to create a calorie deficit.

Here are five tried and true methods that the people most successful at weight loss use to create calorie deficits day after day:

1. Get an accountability partner

Consider teaming up with someone who shares your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  Be sure to tell this person what you are hoping to accomplish and how you plan to do it.  Then let them know that you need someone to hold you accountable for keeping to your plan. This way you have a reason to stick to your plans and be consistent, and you would have to explain yourself to someone if you don’t.

2. Break with the snacking habit

Chances are you do not need to eat between meals everyday.  In the US, our national habit of snacking has driven so many of us to become overweight and obese by eliminating our chances of creating a daily calorie deficit.  Instead, those of us who snack regularly stand to create calorie surpluses – a sure way to gain weight.  Leave the snacks in the cupboard (or simply stop buying them) and watch the weight start to disappear!

3. Forgo second helpings

Another way that we sometimes sabotage ourselves is by eating more than one meal’s worth of food in one sitting.  If you have “seconds,” you run the risk of eating the equivalent to twice as much food.  Overeating at mealtime can eliminate any calorie deficit and run the risk of creating a calorie surplus, whereas eating only one serving is a sure way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. 

4. Eat more protein

Sometimes lean meats and other protein-rich foods get a bad rap when it comes to weight loss. In reality, protein has the potential to make you feel fuller for longer, and eliminate food cravings.   Seek out meals that are higher in protein (20g per meal is a good target to aim for), but make sure you are eating proteins that don’t come with high amounts of saturated fats (like certain cuts of meat) or sugar (like certain brands of beef jerky).

5. See a medical weight loss specialist 

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be a daunting task, but fear not—enter the unsung heroes of weight loss: Bariatric doctors. Now, let’s clear the air right from the start.  Bariatric doctors aren’t all skilled surgeons performing weight loss procedures. Most of these doctors are maestros of medical weight loss, experts who can sculpt a healthier version of you without putting you under the knife.

What sets bariatric doctors apart is their expertise in the mechanics and habits influencing weight loss success. They’re the navigators guiding you through the maze of choices, helping you understand how lifestyle impacts your weight.  Bariatric specialists can also determine which if any medications can help you achieve your goals and write prescriptions when it’s appropriate. Think of partnering with a bariatric doctor as having a wellness sherpa, guiding you through the peaks and valleys of shedding pounds and keeping them off.

Dr. Amir’s Weight Loss and Metabolism Center

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Our goal is to help our patients achieve long-term weight loss success and improve their overall health and well-being. If you’re ready to take the first step on your weight loss journey, we invite you to schedule your first consultation. Don’t wait, visit us now and let’s work together to achieve your weight loss goals.

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